About the School

Mission Statement  

It Is Our Belief that all students deserve a rich and supportive environment that emphasizes the following:

HIGH EXPECTATIONS:We believe that a positive, safe educational environment of high expectations established by the Harlandale Community will stimulate learning and generate success for all.
RELATIONSHIPS: We believe relationships flourish best in an environment where everyone feels secure, supported, encouraged, respected and appreciated.
COLLABORATION: We believe that students reach their highest levels of success when effective and continuous collaboration exists between all stakeholders.
TEACHING AND LEARNING: We believe that a teacher’s role is to prepare students fortheir future by implementing research based best practices.
LEARNING ENVIRONMENT: We believe that a positive learning environment is one is which both students and staff are respected and motivated to achieve their potential

Harlandale: A family working together to provide a high quality education where all students graduate to become productive and successful citizens for the 21st Century.
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