Caywood, Sarah - Counselor for I-Pa

Hello My Name Is...

Sarah Caywood


School Counselor

Hello. Welcome to my website. I havebeen a part of the Harlandale Reservation for eight years as a schoolcounselor. It is my pleasure to work with your teenager!

Brought up in the south side of SanAntonio, I understand on a personal level many of the social andeconomic challenges that our students face on a daily basis. I feelhonored and privileged to be given the opportunity to work and give backto the south side community. My role as a counselor is to advocate,help, and guide students with their academic, personal/social,post-secondary and career development through counseling services,consulting with parents, staff, and administration, and coordinatingprograms that help support students. I work diligently with thedistrict’s mission in mind that “all students graduate to becomeproductive and successful citizens for the 21st century.”

To know that I made a difference inyour teenager’s life, is the most rewarding part of my job. If there isanything that I can assist you with, please feel free to contact me.


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