Buckley, Donald - CTE / Law Enforcement Classes

Hello My Name Is...

Donald Buckley

Subjects Taught

Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement 1, Law Enforcement 2



  • 24 years of military law enforcement experience
  • Associate of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Secondary Education/History
  • Master of Arts Degree in Counseling Psychology
  • Adjunct Professor of Criminology, San Antonio College
  • Adjunct Professor of Criminology, Palo Alto College
  • Armed and Unarmed Private Security Supervisor

Class Schedule

Period 1 -Law Enforcement I

Period 2 -Forensics Pyschology

Period 3 -Conference

Period 4 -Lunch

Period 5 -Law Enforcement I

Period 6 -Forensics Pyschology

Period 7 -Law Enforcment II

Period 8 -Law Enforcement I

Class Activities

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