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22 August 2016

Subject: Syllabus – Army JROTC, Course # 8516 School Year 2016-2017


Dear Parent/Guardian


Your son/daughter is enrolled in the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training (JROTC) class this school year. I take this opportunity to inform you of the requirements, expectations, grading procedures and other important information about the program. Please sign and initial the signature page, where indicated, and return it to the JROTC instructor. General academic content for the course is located on the last page.


One and one-half Physical Education credits are required to graduate.  Harlandale High School offers 4 courses in JROTC for which the first two courses can be substituted for Physical Education Credit. The remaining two courses count as elective credits.


Expectations are critical to a student’s academic success. Our expectations are that all

JROTC cadets will:


  1. Follow the District’s Standards of Conduct.


  2. Be expected to complete required class and/or homework assignments.


  3. Perform skills related to specific military marching drills and ceremonies.


  4. Demonstrate good citizenship and leadership.


  5. Wear their JROTC uniform (Class A or B) on the days specified by the weekly training schedule or the instructors. If a student is absent for any reason on a designated uniform day, their next day in class will be their uniform make-up day. Should a student fail to wear their uniform on designated days, he/she will receive a grade of zero (0). Additionally, the student’s parent will be contacted and notified of the deficiency. For each subsequent violation, students will be referred to their Vice-Principal for further action.


  6. Participate in JROTC Physical Fitness activities (unless medically excused) on days designated by the instructors. Cadets will be required to wear appropriate attire for the activity. Proper attire consists of: shorts (black or maroon) or sweats (based on weather) and a JROTC T-shirt. Students that do not have a JROTC T-shirt may wear a generic Harlandale High School T-Shirt. Students will be graded for physical activities as follows:Dressing out 20% + Activity Participation 80% = Activity Grade.











Grading Policy


The grading policy for JROTC classes is as follows:


Class Assignments/Physical Fitness Activities/Uniform Inspections: 50% of Six Weeks Grade


Homework Assignments 15% of Six Weeks Grade


Test/Quiz: 35% of Six Weeks Grade


Your son/daughter’s grade will be calculated in this manner:

Class Assignment Grades 50% + Homework Assignments 15% + Test/Quiz Grades 35% = Six Weeks Grade


Six Weeks Grades 85% + Semester Exam 15% = Semester Grade


Semester 1 Grade 50% + Semester 2 Grade 50% /2= Final Grade


Turn in of late or missed work will be in accordance with HISD policy.


Tutoring Schedule


All cadets are encouraged to participate in tutoring sessions as needed. Tutoring will be available for cadets by appointment at the following times:


Monday through Friday:   7:30 am to 8:00 am


Monday through Thursday:  4:00 pm to 5:00 pm


Make-up Test/Quiz


Cadets who are not successful when taking a test or quiz will be allowed to retake and receive a maximum score of 70. Make-ups will be on Thursday mornings from 7:30 to 8:00 am. Cadets who cannot make up a quiz or test will coordinate with me for a suitable time.


JROTC Cadet Promotions


All students enrolled in JROTC can progress in the organization through a series of promotions. Unlike other organizations where student leaders are elected, JROTC cadets earn their promotions through demonstrated leadership ability, potential, and participation in JROTC activities. A Promotion Board will convene from grades Cadet Private through Cadet Corporal. Cadets do not have to participate in activities outside of normal class time; however, cadets that do, normally progress at a faster rate than those who do not. Promotions do not have any bearing on a cadet’s grade; however Cadets who do excel in academics will received immediate consideration to the next higher grade of promotion.  Promotion cycles take place every six weeks.


Cadets will be considered for promotion when the following standards are met during the six weeks promotion cycle:


Maintain an 80% average in JROTC.

Wear their JROTC uniform on every designated day.

Receive a passing grade on the promotion test.

Not have excessive tardies or absences, or discipline referrals.

Have not violated the Cadet Command Policy (CC 145-2) for disenrollment.

Have not been engaged in any drug activity or physically taking drugs; unless as prescribed by a medical doctor which the school nurse would be notified.

Be recommended by the cadet company commander and SSG Rodriguez. Captain Llanas; is the final approving officer.



Co-Curricular Activities


All JROTC cadets may try out for co-curricular teams. Co-curricular activities include: Armed Drill Team, Unarmed Drill Team, Color Guards, Physical Fitness and Rifle Teams (second year students). Cadets that participate successfully in the Armed and Unarmed Drill Teams for a minimum of two consecutive years may be eligible to earn a letter jacket from the school (provided funds are available from the school district). The two consecutive years must start in either the freshman or sophomore (fall semester) years. Students starting their junior year will not be eligible for a letter jacket. Participation in co-curricular activities have no bearing on student grades. Students participating in co-curricular activities may be required to purchase additional items at their personal expense.  It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to assure that a cadet who has duties to the school district on behalf of the Co-Curricular Activities mention; he or she has reliable transportation to the event unless a school bus or district transportation is provided.  All parents are required to sign a parent/teacher permission slip prior to the student/cadet undertaking or participating in any after school or non-school day sponsored event.  The district assumes no civil liability or civil penalty in the event of a, an foreseeable incident. 




The JROTC uniform will be furnished free for your cadet’s use. He/she will receive the Army beret, grey short sleeve shirt, Army blue trousers, black belt w/brass buckle, and Army black shoes, known as the Army Service Uniform (ASU).  At a later time in each cadet will be issued an Army black wind-breaker jacket and the Army Class A uniform coat. Cadets and parents will be financially liable for loss and/or damage to the issued uniform items.  Once the uniform is issued to cadets, they are required to maintain their uniform.  (Dry leaning is the only option) due to the nature of the uniform.  The JROTC program provides the necessary learning tools and supplies needed to successfully navigate through the course and complete.  Uniforms will only be worn as prescribe by JROTC policy.  All cadets will be required to be in full uniform while en route to school and until they reach their residence.  Being caught without the proper attire of uniform is a violation of policy.


A 1-inch loose leaf binder w/paper is needed for class work. You may use pencil for note taking and worksheets. Black or blue ink is required for essay writing and exams/quizzes. 


Cadets will be required to purchase a physical fitness uniform (PFU) for the purpose to fit during physical fitness as directed by the lesson plan.  (Normally on Friday’s)


Male Cadets will have a standard military haircut at all times while engage in the JROTC program. 





  • Be in your seat on time and put your chair in its proper place when class ends.
  • No uniform changing; all cadets must remain in uniform until the end of the day.
  • No profanity or loud noises to include excessive talking.
  • No obscene clothing, display of improper hair color or hair style. (See Dress Code)
  • No chewing gum in class or eating unless given permission after school hours.
  • No usage of cell phone messaging or calling during school hours unless emergency cases arise.
  • Cadets will render a seating moment of attention while roll call is conducted and sound off with the proper “Here Sir/Here Ma am” as warrant.
  • Come to class prepared with your supplies. I frown upon people who always borrow from their fellow cadets.
  • Keep your hands to yourself.  Do not touch another cadets or their personal property without their permission.
  • No ear piercing allowed for male cadets while in the JROTC environment/class.
  • Ensure your phone, Ipod, and any other nuisance device is off and out of sight.
  • At no time will any cadet display; Public Display of Affection (PDA) with another cadet, as prescribe by campus policy.
  • All Cadets will be required to take official directions and instructions from the Cadet Chain-of-Command while on official class time, ceremonies, or has directed therefore considering to be a valid order has prescribed by proper regulation. 









  • A “you’re busted” stare from me.
  • A private conference with me.
  • A parent, student, teacher call home or visit.
  • A demerit/written referral/Out of Class Suspension (OCS)
  • A visit with your vice-principal for discipline.
  • Possible dismissal from the JROTC program for major violations.
  • Non-Compliance with the School Handbook Policy or Cadet Command Regulation CC145-2.




I ________________________ parent/guardian of Cadet _______________________________________;

            (Parent Print)                                                                           (Cadet Print)

has been given notice of the rules, regulations, and expectations of the JROTC Army program and will comply with such requirements.  I understand that the JROTC Army program is a voluntarily and elective instruction.


______________________                                           __________________________

Parent Signature                                                                                   Cadet Signature



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